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Slideshow of the 2011 PYC/PSA season
Photos by Ed Birch, David Courant, David Fasulo,
Vic Hoehnebart, Chris Manero, Priscilla Robinson,
Paul Risseeuw, Sandy & Jason Sanstrom, Linda Shemwell,
Cameron & Stephanie Taylor, Tom Walsh, and Jerry Wilson.
Music Credit: "Spain" by Chick Corea

Slideshow of the 2010 PYC/PSA season
Photos by Ed Birch, David Fasulo, Vic Hoehnebart,
John Kennedy, Cameron Taylor and a student
in Paul Risseeuw's Powerboat class.
Music Credit: "Oh Yeah" by Yello

Slideshow of the 2009 PYC/PSA season
Photos by Vic Hoehnebart, Chris Manero,
Corey Manero, Robert Scholes and Cameron Taylor
Music Credit: "It Don't Get Better Than This"
by The Barefoot Man and Band


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