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The Pettipaug Mailing List
We offer the ability to sign up for occasional e-mail news messages about Pettipaug. These are typically infrequent notices that may be of interest to members, parents and/or participants in the Sailing Academy, or friends of Pettipaug.

This is a "self-managed" list: you can sign yourself up take yourself off as you see fit. When you sign up, it would be a good idea to configure any spam capturing software to always allow email from: pettipaug-news@pettipaug.org

If you change your e-mail address, you will need to come back to this form, remove your old address, and add your new one. If messages to your mailbox "bounce" back to us due to problems with the address or server you have registered, we will likely remove your address from the list without notice. You are free to sign up again if we do this. Please be sure to use the correct email address, and you should be all set.

If you need technical assistance with adding or removing your e-mail address on this mailing list, please contact listmaster@pettipaug.org

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