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Policies & Rules

1. Club Operating Hours: From Commissioning to Decommissioning: Saturdays and Sundays, and Holidays: 9am – 5pm. The Pettipaug Yacht Club grounds and all facilities are closed from sundown until 7:00am, except by prior approval of the Board of Governors.
2. Buildings: Members and their immediate families are welcome to use available club building facilities. The Commodore’s Room, Race Committee Room, Sail Locker, and heads will be open for use only during Club Operating Hours. The Club facilities are available for reservation for member and member-sponsored nonmember events. Contact the Commodore for reservations, rates and availability. Gas grills are available for members’ use at all times.
3. Docks & Grounds: Members and their immediate families are welcome to use the club docks, ramps, and grounds at any time during Club Operating Hours. We request that the club docks not be occupied for extended or overnight usage, as this may result in damage to the boats or docks from motorboat wakes and interferes with Sailing Academy and other member activities. No jet skis are to be launched, docked or stored at the club.
4. Parking: Members must not park automobiles in the public road or adjacent to the pavilion. Members’ boats being stored ashore must be placed only in the designated area just south of the automobile parking lot.
5. Members’ Boat Moorings: Neither the Pettipaug Yacht Club nor the Pettipaug Sailing Academy is responsible or liable for placing, maintaining, or retrieval of moorings at any time. Members must arrange with the Essex Harbor Commission for an assigned position and schedule with PYC representative before setting out any moorings. The area directly to the east of the club floats must be kept clear of moored boats. Pettipaug does not have the moorings or facilities to accommodate larger yachts and therefore cannot allow long term mooring for such boats. Blue Jays used by PSA are given mooring assignments to facilitate the running of the Academy Sailing Program.
6. Member-Owned Boats: Pettipaug Yacht Club is not responsible or liable for the condition, maintenance or policing of member-owned boats. Members’ boats must have a PYC sticker affixed by the Rear Commodore. Members’ boats must not be stored on club premises during the winter months. Power and Sail Boats over twenty feet are not allowed storage on PYC grounds. No empty trailers may be stored on the grounds.
7. Members’ Personal Property: Personal property, including boats, sails, life jackets, clothing, equipment, etc., stored on club premises (including the Sail Locker) are the owner’s responsibility entirely and must be removed by the Fall Work Party (Club shutdown) or they will be subject to removal and disposal. A limited number of lockers are available for member use. The small storage lockers are for Sailing Academy use only.
8. Guest Privileges: May be given for one racing series only by a member of the Board of Governors.
9. Dogs: Dogs must be leashed and under owner control at all times. No dogs are allowed on club grounds during any Pettipaug Sailing Academy (PSA) activities. Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the clubhouse deck pavilion. Owners are responsible to pick up (waste/toys) after their dogs.
10. PYC Storm Preparation: A member is liable for damages caused by their property to club- or member-owned property if not secured properly. Members should not and cannot assume that volunteers and/or Board members will be able to deal with members’ private property. See page 40 for a “Checklist" of what to do during a storm alert.
11. Use of PYC/PSA-Owned Boats: PYC has a few club-owned Blue Jays, Lasers, C420s and Optis for members with intermediate to advanced sailing skills to borrow only for our regattas here at Pettipaug. A Release & Indemnity Waiver is available at the clubhouse and must be signed confirming one’s ability to handle the boat and accepting responsibility for any damage or loss of equipment resulting in its use. To borrow a boat, contact the Racing Chairman, one of the Fleet Captains or the attendant on duty.
12. Portable Flotation Device: A PFD must be worn when using any PYC/PSA-owned boat or windsurfer.

PYC & PSA – 100% NO Smoking facility and surrounding area