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The Officers, Board of Directors and volunteers are busy coordinating major projects: replacement of middle dock and restoration work on the north dock. Replacement of the boat launching ramp is on the list as well as working with EBC on “the ROAD”. Many projects; ambitious endeavor to have most completed by our 2024 May Commissioning, but that is the goal. We will be reaching out for help as I will be communicating with all of you with dates, and updates for work-parties and projects that might suit your skills and schedules.

Bob Cashman has joined the PYC Board of Directors and the PJSA Board. Bob brings a plethora of PYC history and his business, CCA Services, has donated generously with their time, advice and funding to PYC. Bob and team have been working on a new website calendar. However, in this spot, mid-January we will provide a 2024 list of events, dates and times.


You will be receiving your membership renewal the first week of January. Please help by remitting payment of your dues by the end of this month. Very appreciated ~ THANK YOU!

Priscilla Robinson
2024 PYC Commodore