*** CLUB OPENING (tentative): Saturday, May 29th with Commissioning & Commodore's Handicap Race      Review the COVID-19 Usage & Access Guidelines ***
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Homepage Photo Fellow PYC Members,

Tentative opening of the club on Saturday, May 29th (Memorial Day Weekend) with the Commodore's Handicap Race at 1230 hrs (12:30 pm) and the Commissioning Ceremony at 1700 hrs (5 pm). Please bring your own food and libation of choice ... No Potluck or Open Bar.

The health and safety of the membership, club exposure and maintenance of COVID protocols will be our highest priority. State, local and CDC COVID-19 regulations and guidelines will be observed. Members will be requested to follow set protocols and respect common courtesies. Knowing everything is fluid, we will share updated specific policies and requirements for club usage and access as we get closer to a Commissioning. We look forward to welcoming you back to the club.

In the meantime, please continue to abide by COVID-19 Usage & Access Guidelines for PYC Club Property.

We hope everyone is prepping for a great season on the water.

Amy Gordon Pullin
PYC Commodore, 2020/21

Commodore's Welcome

Amy Gordon Pullin
PYC Commodore, 2020/21

Greetings members and visitors to PYC's website and to the wonderful world of dinghy sailing, shell rowing and all things outdoors on the Connecticut River in Essex, CT.

PYC is a seasonal yacht club beginning its "commissioned" year in May and ending in October. The club offers its members access to a special spot on the river across from Joshua's Rock, Brockway Island, Hamburg Cove and Selden Creek.

Our sailing venue is a shallow (2'-4' at low tide), tidal basin about 10 miles up river from Long Island Sound, a great venue for dinghy sailors of all levels. PYC's clubhouse sits on the western shore of the basin between Essex and Deep River. The channel for regular boat traffic on the Connecticut River runs about a quarter mile away along the eastern shore.

The Pettipaug Sailing Academy (PSA) for junior sailors aged 8 thru 18 runs week days, morning and afternoon, for two sessions from late June to early August. Open to the public and sanctioned by the US Sailing Association, PSA is host to about 100 junior sailors. more info

PYC Powerboat Course, which is also offered to the public, is a two-day class held several times during the summer. Students operate different types of outboard motorboats for real hands-on learning. more info

PYC Racing is at the heart of PYC's inception in that racing cannot help but advance one's sailing skills. One-design races in centerboard dinghies typically MC Scows, Blue Jays, 420 and Lasers are held monthly for members. more info

PYC Women's Sailing Group meets on Tuesday evenings and women sail their own boats or join a friend. A post-sail, pot-luck get together concludes each evening to wind down and share stories.

PYC Rowers is a club within the club. It's members are hardy and dedicated to shell rowing getting on the water in the wee morning hours before wind and boat traffic disturb the river's calm. Several members compete in events nationally and some even worldwide. more info

Work Parties are the neccesary sacrifice of time and labor we give to the club to keep it "shipshape" and the dues low. They're held four times twice in the spring and fall, respectively. Please mark your calendar and help out if you can. It's good work requiring no special skills in fresh air and a magnificent setting. more info

Here's to a great and safe 2021 season at Pettipaug.

Highlights of the 2019 Paul Risseeuw Pettipaug Jr. Regatta (8/4)
and Nott Island Picnic (8/5).
Photos: Sandy Sanstrom

Have a great PYC/PSA photo? Send it with caption and photo credit to: studio@camerontaylordesigns.com.